New Players Guide

1. Create your account

     The first thing you need to do in Gaia War is to create your account.


2. Get Your Roles

      After Created your account, what you need to do next is to get your roles. You can go to home page and click "Get roles" in left side, or you can go to Gaia City and get them in "My Camp".


3. Go to Gaia City

     Click "Go to city" in home page and you can start to have fun in Gaia War. In Gaia City, you can go to My Camp to see your roles and items. You can also go shopping in Market.


4. Go Fighting

     Are you ready? Let's go fighting!

      The problem is, Arena is not ready yet... But don't worry, I'm keep working on it now. The good thing is, you can see other online players in Arena now! 

Home Page


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